How to upgrade to 3.02 OE-A

This is a tutorial on how to upgrade to 3.02 OE-A.

Here's the full list of new features in 3.02 OE-A:
* 3.02 Custom Firmware - 3.02 firmware environment with 1.50 homebrew capability.
* Can run homebrew using 3.02 kernel
* UMD Video region free
* PSP kernel region selector
* O/X button selector
* WMA enabling option
* Flash player enabling option
* Pops (SCE PSONE emulator) - DRM protection hacked (Which means that you can now your game on more than one psp, and share them over the internet)

What we need before start
-A PSP with one of the following firmwares:
* 1.50
* 2.71 SE-B'
* 2.71 SE-B''
* 2.71 SE-C

This does not work on PSPs with 2.81 firmware or the TA-082 mainboard.
-A USB Cable or other means to transfer files to the PSP

How to Install 3.02 OE-A
-Download firmwares v1.50
and v3.02.

-Rename the 3.02 eboot.pbp to 302.pbp
-Extract the zip file with v1.50 firmware and rename the firmware to 150.pbp
-Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
-Extract the 3.02 OE-A file and extract it. Copy the oeupdmaker, oeupdmaker%, 302oeflasher and 302oeflasher% folders inside PSP/Game directory.
-Copy these two –renamed- files to the oeupdmaker folder.
- Exit USB mode.
-Navigate to the Game tab, and launch "3.02 OE-A Update Maker"
- The program will start and create a file called DATA.DXAR in the same directory (oeupdmaker).

-After finish, enable the USB mode on PSP.
- Copy the generated DATA.DXAR file at oeflasher directory
-Now let’s flash the PSP. Exit USB mode. If your battery is less than 75%, the program will show the an error.So remember to plug in the AC Adapter.
-Navigate to the Game tab, and launch "3.02 OE-A Firmware Install"
-The program will continue showing an agreement. Press X to accept it and flash the custom firm, or R to cancel and exit.

-If you accept, the program will flash the custom firmware. DONT shutdown the psp and DON'T quit the memory stick.
-It will start to flashing. You have to wait until it done.
-When finish you have to restart your PSP manually. If you receive an error message. Press O to reset the firmware settings.
-Put the hour and other needed values and press finish.
-Now you must have a 3.02OE-A PSP.

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