How to get into top 10 on Google

How To Give Yourself An Instant Page Rank 10 Website

Basically all you are doing is adding one line of code to your .htaccess file.
The short sweet and simple method....

1.) Paste this line of code in your .htaccess file
Redirect 301 /index.html

And your done! Notice that your homepage will now suddenly redirect to Google, but all other pages will still work fine. After the next Google PR update, remove that line of code in your .htacess file, and if you look at that page it will have a PR 10!

::::Commonly Asked Questions!::::
Q.) How do I make A certain page other than my homepage have a pr10?
A.) Simply edit the 1 line of code to show the page you want to have the page rank 10. Let's say you want your links page to have an instant pr10, you would use this line of code in your .htaccess file.
Redirect 301 /links.html

Q.) How do I customize the instant page rank that I receive? For example I want my website to have a page rank of 9...8...7...or 6 to make it look less obvious that the site used blackhat seo
A.) Simply change the url of the destination url in the code. For example..

If you want an instant page rank 9 domain use this code..
Redirect 301 /index.html

If you want an instant page rank 8 domain use this code...
Redirect 301 /index.html

If you want an instant page rank 7 domain use this code...
Redirect 301 /index.html

Basically look at the site that you put into the code and you will receive the exact same page rank as that website during the next pr update.

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