How to find out Password of files

How to find out Password of files
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I know how frustrating it is when you download a large file (or worst, a lot of files in pieces) from the net to find out that it is locked with a password, which you dont have. Cracking the password with softwares like Advanced password recovery is out of the question because it takes nearly 3 days to guess a 8 character long password. Of course we don't can spend that kind of time.

Now i post a method to find out passwords for archive files which you downloaded from free file hosts like Rapidshare, Megaupload etc. Let's try.

What you need
1. A browser (i prefer Mozilla Firefox)
2. The file for which you are searching the password must be popular.

How to:
Lets assume that you downloaded the file

In the Google Search toolbar in Firefox copy the name of the file, in this case - GLD.part1.rar.


Note 1: For more results, you can use and quotes.
Note 2: The full link to sites has been masked in order to preserve board policy

By checkin the Actual Url one can see that /forum/index.php?showtopic=xxxx&view=findpost&p=xxxxxx
is a link to a topic in a forum, and hence by clicking on the link, we are taken to a forum page.

The forum may in some other language, but it doesn't matter. On scrolling down the page one can see the links to the file for which we need the password. And most probably the password will posted at the end of the link list, like this:


Hope this small guide was helpful to you. Now you no longer need to ask others for the password to files.

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