PSIO - PlayStation 1 ISO Loader

Lisa Scholfield
Written by Gearloose

PSone was a console that although it had awesome games, many preferred it to competition and for the ability to run copies using modchips.

For the consoles of that time to run a game backup, you had to install a modchip. However a new project comes to change this and allow the console to run titles even from an SD card.

PSIO is a cartridge that connects to PSone's I/O port (there you could connect devices like the Equalizer for those who remember) and lets you run the games you want in iso format.

It is ideal for those who want to play the console's games without worrying about whether the laser is broken or if they do not have the game disk. You have to find the iso (or the rip -if you own it), copy it to the card and run it normally. Sure you can play these games with the PC emulators, but always the original hardware is superior.


– Loads software from an SD Memory Card (up to 32GB),
– Easily select software using a clean, simple and functional Menu System design,
– Software images load instantly with no «Copy to Memory» routines unlike other Flashcarts,
– All firmwares are locally upgradeable. No special cables or dongles are required,
– To select a new software image, simply hit ‘Reset’ on the console and re-select an image from the Menu System,
– Supports hot swapping of SD cards within the Menu System,
– Supports CDDA and XA audio channels,
– Supports loading of software images via USB (Windows only),
– A Switch Board is included free with each cartridge purchase (wire also included),
– Supports BIN, ISO and IMG files.

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