Here is a tutorial to Slipstreaming Windows XP SP2. Slipstreaming is the process to integrate the Service Pack into the installation so that with every new installation the Operating System and Service Pack are installed at the same time.

How to

-Download SP2 Update (is 266MB) and rename it to XP-SP2.exe .
-Create 3 folders - C:WINXPSP2, C:SP2 and C:XPBOOT
-Copy the entire Windows XP CD into folder C:WINXPSP2
-Extract the Service Pack from the Run Dialog (Start -> Run...) using the command:
C:XP-SP2.exe -U -X:C:SP2
-Open Start/Run... and type the command:
C:SP2i386updateupdate.exe -s:C:WINXPSP2
and click ok.

The Folder C:WINXPSP2 contains the Windows XP SP2

How to Create a Windows XP SP2 CD Bootable (Nero)

Step 1

-Download (attached) and extract in to the folder C:XPBOOT

Step 2

-Start Nero - Burning Rom.
Select File > New... from the menu.
1.) Select CD-ROM (Boot)
2.) Select Image file from Source of boot image data
3.) Set Kind of emulation: to No Emulation
4.) Set Load segment of sectors (hex!): to 07C0
5.) Set Number of loaded sectors: to 4
6.) Press the Browse... button

Step 3

Select All Files (*.*) from File of type: Locate boot.bin in the folder

Step 4

Click ISO tab Set File-/Directory length to ISO Level 1 (Max. of 11 = 8 + 3 chars) Set Format to Mode 1 Set Character Set to ISO 9660 Check all Relax ISO Restrictions

Step 5

Click Label Tab
Select ISO9660 from the drop down box.
Enter the Volume Label as WXPCCP_EN
Click More fields
Enter the System Identifier as WXPCCP_EN
Enter the Volume Set as WXPCCP_EN
Enter the Publisher as MICROSOFT CORPORATION
Enter the Data Preparer as MICROSOFT CORPORATION
Enter the Application as WXPCCP_EN
* For Windows XP Professional OEM substitute WXPCCP_EN with WXPOEM_EN
* For Windows XP Home OEM substitute WXPCCP_EN with WXHOEM_EN

Step 6

Click Burn tab Check Write Check Finalize CD (No further writing possible!) Set Write Method to Disk-At-Once Press New button
C:WINXPSP2 Select everything in the folder and drag it to the ISO compilation panel. Click the Burn button and press

How to Install Windows XP SP2

Windows Mode

-Insert the Windows XP SP2 in to the CD-ROM or click in the setup.exe(In this installation type it doesn't repair the Registry. Before trying "Repair", first try to restore the registry with the "System Restore" )
-Choose Installation Type: Upgrade / next
-Type the Product Key / next

Boot Mode

-Insert the Windows XP SP2 and Restart. Press any key when the black screen warning appears: Press any key to boot from CD...._
-In the second window to accept the license press F8.
In the third window, select the Windows that will be repaired and choose:
"To repair the selected Windows XP installation press R".
This installation type preserves all the files and the installed programs.In this installation type it doesn't repair the Registry.
Before trying "Repair", first try to restore the registry with the "System Restore"

In the third window, choose:
"To continue installing a fresh copy of Windows XP without repairing, press ESC".
Select the Drive in which will be made the new installation. And, to begin new life:
- Delete the partition.
- Create new partition.
- Install Windows about this new created partition.
- It will open a window asking to format the partition.
- Choose the normal formatting in NTFS.

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