StarForce is a powerful multi-level CD-ROM and DVD-ROM copy protection system. You can make a personal backup but most of the times the backup doesn't play. Here is a simple solution to bypass the StarForce protection.

For this guide you will need Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools 4 & Virtual CD Hide .


-This guide tested in many games. Only works if download the game in image file.
-You must follow exactly the steps.
-Before you do anything ,make sure anything you did with starforce nightmare has been resetted.For this we will use the Virtual CD Hide.


Step 1

Open Alcohol 120% and create one Virtual Drive.

Step 1.1

Mount image file from your game to ALCOHOL 120% Virtual Drive

Step 1.2

Install game with cd-key given by .info document which came with your download

Step 1.3

Starforce will install the driver and when (starforce) asks you to reboot your PC, click OK.

Step 2

Open Alcohol 120% to activate virtual drive and close it again. Make sure your game IS NOT mounted on Alcohol 120%

Step 2.1

Make sure the daemon tools is not running. Open Virtual CD Hide. When Virtual CD Hide icon appears to taskbar, right click on it and select Hide all Virtual Drives. If you have been successful, the message "1 virtual CD-Rom Drive(s) hidden" should appear.

Step 2.2

Now start Daemon Tools and right click its icon in the task manager, select emulation and then select "ALL OPTIONS ON"

Step 2.3

Now right click on Daemon Tools taskbar icon again and highlight "VIRTUAL CD/DVD ROM". Highlight "Device 0: [H] No Media" (On my case the H was my device). Now click on "Mount Image". Search for your game image and mount it.

Step 2.4

Now click on desktop image/sortcut of game and double click it to launch the game.

Step 2.5

StarForce will check the game. Sometimes takes about 30 seconds.

Step 2.6


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