Build your own Xbox 360 DVD Drive Adapter

Here is a diagram for an Xbox 360 DVD Drive adapter. This is potentially similar to what Team Xecuter are making, but this one is all open source. (Thanks to Devo-E for making the adapter look very easy to build!).

The Diagram:

Adapter Pin Out
(X) ( 8 ) (6) (4) (2) (0)
(X) (9) (7) (5) (3) (1)
The X points are Dead Pins.

Full Parts List:
- Capacitors - .o1 micro Farads (symbol looks like .01 uF) [any small value should work, it is just used to filter AC out of the line so a “true earth” ground is achieved]
- Voltage regulator- 1086V33
- Small wire anything around the 20-22 gauge should work
- A small PC board
- Some small headshrink might come in handy.
- You will need a power connector from a original xbox, or you can make your own. The connector pin spacing on the power connector is 2mm.

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