Nintendo takes down NES artbook Kickstarter campaign

They had more than $ 100,000. The project was already funded. It was NES/Famicom: A Visual Compendium and it was a book, created by Bitmap Books, which showed art from popular games during those years. Only there was a problem: it seems that did not ask permission from Nintendo. Obviously the Big N closed the Kickstarter arguing intellectual property issues.

"The book is mainly visual and the campaign are showing great catches taken directly from Nintendo games", said a statement posted on the site Kickstarter.

In addition, the inclusion of a logo similar to Nintendo seal of quality caused the company to make a wake-up call. Specifically about the confusion that could generate.

"The use of the intellectual property of Nintendo might confuse Kickstarter sponsors into thinking that the project is related to Nintendo", said the statement.

Thus ended the plan to launch this book funded by the community. Perhaps that an idea who have similar ideas to deal first with the company.

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