NES Mini can now run SNES and MegaDrive games with Libretro

Lisa Scholfield
Written by Gearloose

Nes Mini can now load Libretro's core, giving the possibility to run hundreds of roms from GB, SNES, Sega MegaDrive and so on.

The method, released by madmonkey, uses Haxchi2 to upload Libretro's core into NES Mini. Note that this is a working progress and of course, most 16bit games are requiring more buttons to play them (eg SNES).

Liberto's core is loaded through a batch script file (CLV-H-RARCH.desktop), which means that you can edit it to your needs.

How to

  • Extract archive contents to Haxchi2 folder, agree to replace init file
  • Copy additional cores to games/CLV-H-RARCH/libretro/core (not necessary). You can download them from here.
  • Now copy the ROMs into games/CLV-H-RARCH/libretro/roms
  • Open Haxchi2 and enable RetroArch
  • If you need folders, clone and build Haxchi2 from GitHub, then make sure to enable "Settings -> "Pages/folders structure" -> "Custom - show Folders Manager every time"
  • Finally run Synchronize. Make sure to move RetroArch to the root folder if you enabled custom folders in the previous step.

Download RetroArch Mini NES from here.

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