Konami code will be at the Canada's new $10 bill

April 12, 2017 comments 155 Reads

This year Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary as a nation and, among other things, will release a new $10 bill, where, apart from the historical figures it has on it, it will hide a secret.

Through the official site of the Canadian bank, you can browse through 360 degrees the new bill. And here comes the nicest of the story. If on the bill's page, run the Konami code, you will see the festive form of the page, where they are thrown out bills and even their national anthem sounded in 8-bit.

The Konami code appeared in NES in 1986 and existed in many of the company's games (and not only). The code used the keys: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.