Brave, the new browser that allows torrent download and streaming

February 20, 2017 comments 176 Reads

A new browser has made its appearance, promising security, speed and built-in support for torrent downloading and video streaming.

bBrave gives weight on the security of your browsing, so its menu and its settings are mainly about this. Supports features such as HTTPS Everywhere, script blocking, and third-party cookie blocking.

It also has built-in adblocker, and supports payments on webpages that you block with adblocker, but you want to give some money to (but only if those websites are participating in its program).

But the main feature that may attract your attention is the built-in BitTorrent support via magnet links. This allows Brave to download torrents, while it also supports torrent streaming, that is, you can see a video file directly.